miércoles, 19 de diciembre de 2012

Paper Bus

The Paper Bus Connection is a catalogue of paper buses from the US, Canada, China and Hong Kong. Both Stage Coach Fan and Greater London have a huge collection of paper buses from the UK. This website has an overview of trams. TGVWeb offers models of high speed trains.

paper bus

We love paper cars: they don't pollute, they are silent and they don't drive over children and pets. The amount of free downloadable cars on the internet is huge -  check out the general sites at the bottom of this page. Some exceptional models are this very detailed Volkswagen bus, this vintage Citroën, some DAF trucks (go to 'DAF fun') and a collection ofclassic cars (click on the Japanese links below). More rolling stock? Here you have a snowsweeper, a motorcycle or awork truck.
They don't float for long, but they sure look nice: paper ships are among the most detailed cut-outs around - though most of them are not for free. Here you find some nice free downloadable card models from warshipssailing boats,cargo ships and hovercrafts.  There are also dozens of plane models available.

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